DTC Marketing Email Copy

Hello //FirstName//,

Has anyone ever warned you about having “too much of a good thing“?

Well, they were wrong. There is no such thing.  They were probably just hoping you’d share.

Here at X Winery we believe in going big, going bold, going crazy, and living a life without limits. In that spirit, we have lifted all limits on our 2015 Rosé even as our quantities dwindle

As long as it remains in stock, you can now purchase as much Rosé as your heart desires. So, whether it’s a couple bottles or a couple dozen- have at it! #noregrets2016

2015 Rosé of Petite Syrah ($25.00/bottle)
Deliciously lush on the palate and vibrant in color due to a wonderfully warm California vintage, our 2015 Rosé is brimming with bright red fruit and laced with soft notes of lavender. It pops off the tongue with lively acidity and carries through to a long and satisfying finish. Best enjoyed on a hot summer day.


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